Visit Schedule & Signup Form

This is not a form to sign up for Detox Treatment. It's a service opportunity for those already in recovery to visit and share their experience with those in the detox unit. Please choose a day that you would like to visit the Rosecrance detox unit. This form allows for 2 people to signup on each day online. There are also paper signup forms in some of the meeting rooms, so others may join you that are not listed on this form.

We visit Rosecrance on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays at 7:00 PM

If you signup, please show up!

Directions to the Rosecrance detox unit are in the right-hand colum of this page. >


Rosecrance Visit Schedule (Signup Below)

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Visit Date AA Vistor 1 AA Vistor 2
Monday February 26    
Wednesday February 28
Saturday March 3    
Monday March 5 OKREsqOKtgAwPAIMMwl jbokeRDsrtAiceKgLwu
Wednesday March 7 rugHKgaoVVfZw fhjYTbOnkA
Saturday March 10 VHVmRfXq DVEzqYssw
Monday March 12    
Wednesday March 14    
Saturday March 17    
Monday March 19    
Wednesday March 21    
Saturday March 24    
Monday March 26 JNSfpojxMSE ZXNrqOQhBCppTo
Wednesday March 28 TFAQvyGnCrBDg eGZVzsKFrzsm
Saturday March 31    


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More About Rosecrance Detox Visits

AA Members from Distric 70 have the opportunity to visit Rosecrance detox unit on multiple evenings during the week and speak wih residents. This is a great place to share your story with other alcoholics and help them on their path of recovery. Each AA member will share briefly about what it was like, what happened and what it's like now. After each member speaks, the detox residents will have the opportunity to ask questions.

We visit Rosecrance on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays at 7:00 PM